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Dealing all branded SUN,HP-COMPAQ, DELL, IBM, ACER, etc.,

Service & Rental

Dealing all branded SUN,HP-COMPAQ, DELL, IBM, ACER, etc.,


Mission and Vision

Mission " To facilitate trouble free computing for all concerned by providing quality service, value for money and efficient back up by way of prompt solutions for all storage devices".

7 Tech Solutions Established in 2008. 7 Tech Solutions provides the entire spectrum of services covering all storage devices. Making a start by providing component level repair and service for all type of tape drives, Autoloaders and Tape Libraries. Today, we are providing support to all the storage devices being used in servers.

7 Tech Solutions sell all top brands of DAT & Tape back-up drives including, SONY, HP, Quantum, Spectra Logic, Seagate, Tandberg Data, IBM, SUN and DELL Drives units. Like…. DAT, AIT, DLT, SDLT, MO, SLR (CTD), ULTRIUM LTO, AUTOLOADER, Tape Library and focused more closely on valued added services for repair, maintenance and remanufacturing services for all Tape Drives, Autoloaders & Library.

7 Tech Solutions has state of the art, repairs and service facility at Chennai in India. The facility is equipped to repair and refurbished Tape drives Digital Audio Tape, Digital Linear Tape drives ULTRIUM LTO, Magnetic Optical, Advance Intelligent Tape and Autoloaders for mechanical and component failures. Tape Drive’s expertise is in using best of the technologies and skills to provide quality services to its customers.

7 Tech Solutions commitment to the customer services reflected through on–time deliveries, intelligent technical support at root level. The knowledgeable technical supports are waiting to help you. Our hope is that if you receive the help you need from us to correct minor problems. 7 Tech Solutions provides complete storage solutions for all storage devices. Apart from the servicing of storage devices, we also do Sale/Rental for all storage devices. Specifically External tape drives and Auto loaders.

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